Sławomir Szmal

Vice President of the Handball Association in Poland

Former representative of Poland from 1998-2018, playing in the position of goalkeeper, the record holder in terms of the number of official inter-county games in the senior national team – 298 games, 3 goals. Vice-champion of the 2007 World Cup, bronze medalist at the 2009 World Championships and the 2015 World Championships. Two-time participant in the Olympic Games (2008 and 2016). The world’s best handball player of 2009. Winner of the 76th Poll of the Przegląd Sportowy and Polish Television for the 10 best athletes of Poland in 2010 – he took 6th place in it. Currently vice president of the Handball Association in Poland and deputy director of the School of Sports Championship in Kielce of the Handball Association in Poland. Founder of the Slawomir Szmal Foundation.

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