Paweł Szczepanik

President of the Polish Baseball and Softball Association

Graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Poznań as a soccer coach and postgraduate studies of Sports Manager.
From 1985 to 1998 a soccer player, then until 2015 a soccer referee, an observer of the Referees’ College of the Polish Football Association (ŁZPN) and a member of the Appeal Committee of the ŁZPN.
Since 1996, a local government employee at the Kutno City Hall, first as a Sports Inspector, now Head of the Sports and Tourism Office. Represents the city in the Sports Commission of the Association of Polish Cities, Vice Chairman of the Sports Council of the City of Kutno on behalf of the Mayor of the City, former member of the Municipal Council for Public Benefit Activities in Kutno.
By virtue of his position, he coordinated the organization of the European Youth, Cadet and Junior Baseball Championships, Children and Youth Baseball Festivals, Softball Matches with the participation of employees of the US and Japanese Embassy. Co-organizer in Kutno of interstate women’s soccer matches (Poland-Spain, Poland-England, Poland-Belgium).
Coordinating physical culture programs in the city: MULTISPORT, “I can swim”, Local Sports Animator, “Bicycle Lodz”.
Since 2021, President of the Polish Baseball and Softball Association. Previously, from 2017, he was a member of the PZBall Board of Directors for youth games and sports programs.

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