Michał Ulidis

Creative Director and Partner at Publicon agency

Creative Director and Partner at Publicon agency. Academic Lecturer. For more than a decade, he has worked for commercial brands as well as for state-owned companies, local governments and non-governmental organizations. He has carried out comprehensive projects in branding, campaign design, market and consumer research and offline and online advertising creation for Polish and international brands. Together with his team, he has won several awards in the Złote Spinacze industry competition. Author and co-author of more than a dozen scientific publications, in which he focuses on research on broadly understood communication, market analysis, trends and branding methodology. Creator of sector foresight, in which, together with his team, he designs forecasts for the future of specific industries and market phenomena. Academic lecturer. For many years he worked at the Department of Journalism and Social Communication at SWPS University, and at the University of Wroclaw he co-created the program of the first master’s degree program in Branding, Advertising and Public Relations in Poland – Image Communication. Lecturer at the Digital Media Campus postgraduate program at SWPS University.

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