Mateusz Widłak

President and founder of the Polish Amp Futbol Association and the European Amp Futbol Federation EAFF

Responsible for the introduction and promotion of the discipline in Poland and Europe, creation of the Polish Amp Futbol national team, PZU Amp Futbol Ekstraklasa, Amp Futbol Women’s Team and football projects aimed at children with disabilities awarded by UEFA Foundation for Children – Junior Amp Futbol, Futbolowa Banda (the first football academy in Poland for children with physical disabilities) and PZU Futbol Plus.

Organizer of many international events in Poland and Europe, including the Amp Futbol European Championships in Turkey, at the final of which 41,000 fans were present, and the Amp Futbol EURO Krakow 2021.
Organizer of many promotional campaigns, responsible for introducing the discipline to other countries, and establishing cooperation with UEFA and numerous ambassadors from the world of sports.

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