Mateusz Dawidziuk

Iga Świątek's Doctor

A doctor specializing in orthopedics and traumatology of the musculoskeletal system. Since 2013, he has been collaborating with the CM Gamma clinic, where he currently treats his patients. Since 2019, he has been working with Iga Świątek and the basketball players of Legia Warsaw.

He has had the opportunity to work with teams such as:

Legia Warsaw SA – football – head of the medical staff
Projekt Warsaw (formerly AZS Politechnika Warszawska, Onico Warsaw) – men’s volleyball
He is a doctor for those in need of effective treatment for physically active individuals and athletes. In the treatment process, the patient and their needs are at the center of his focus. He collaborates with a responsible and cohesive team of specialists who provide comprehensive care for injuries and traumas. He promotes and inspires physical activity and an active lifestyle.

He helps discover, restore, and heal the athlete in every person. He possesses specialized skills and experience in diagnosing and treating knee and shoulder injuries as well as sports-related traumas. He treats athletes at all levels: Olympic, senior, and junior. He has helped many athletes recover and return to full training loads and achieve success both through surgical and conservative treatments.

His patients have won medals at World Championships, European Championships, and Polish Championships, completed their dream Ironman races and marathons, and realized their sports dreams. His greatest joy comes from accompanying active individuals for whom sports and physical activity are important aspects of life in the healing process.

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