Marek Palka

COO & Co-Founder 4GOAL.APP

Passion for sports and startups is something I have a lot in common, and maybe that’s why I’m so good at combining it. For more than 3ech years I have been creating the world’s first social ecosystem connecting the broader soccer industry. From young players to parents, coaches, experts, clubs, nurseries and academies. We are present in more than 24 markets around the world, and the application is translated into 14 languages.
I adhere to the principle in life: I, FAMILY, BUSINESS appropriately dividing my time into these 3 pillars.
People and mutual trust are most important to me in business. It is thanks to them that I manage to create new projects, manage a team and meet people who are behind the success of the largest companies. For the past 12 years I have been developing my personal brand,, expanding my network and building different businesses by establishing relationships.
I work with brands such as ie: Big Star,, Mercedes Benz, W.KRUK, Vision Express, New Balance, LPP, Deichmann and Jack Wolfskin.

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