Małgorzata Lubelska

Executive Director of the European Congress of Sport and Tourism, COO Wonders Agency

Supervises the realization of major event events in Poland since 2006. She organizes events, festivals and conducts training courses on sound and multimedia services. She has worked at, among others, Teatr Polski, Event Serwis and GMB Pro Sound, in the Trias group (now VES), where she successively served as head of the realization department, project manager and senior new business manager. For years she has produced and supervised realizations for many companies producing dozens of projects annually. Professional Technical Producer, expert in the design and implementation of trade show booths and set design, executive director and producer of such events as the European Film Awards 2016, OWM 2017, the Opening Ceremony of The World Games 2017r. Speed Games or World Economic Forum Polish House 2023.

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