Maciej Zdziarski

President of the Lukasiewicz Institute FoundationPresident of the Lukasiewicz Institute Foundation

Graduate of the Faculty of Historical and Social Sciences at Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw. He hosted programs on Polish Television, was editor-in-chief of Radio Krakow and host of programs on Radio One and Three. As a consultant and employee of large business organizations (including Bank Pekao SA), he implemented projects in the area of corporate social responsibility, building the company’s historical identity, corporate culture and employee volunteerism. He also advised the PZU Group on changes resulting from the demographic aging of the population. Founder and head of the Cracow Academy of Prevention, president of the Lukasiewicz Institute Foundation. Member of the government’s Senior Policy Council for the second term (2020-2024). Author of books on the history of sports, substance abuse prevention and aging. Co-author of the volume “Goodnight, Auschwitz. Reportage on former prisoners” (published by Znak Horyzont, Krakow 2016) and author of “On Wings. On People, Birds and the Joy of Life” (published by Znak Horyzont, Krakow 2022). In 2023, he served as program director of the Krynica Forum.

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