Jarosław Śmietana

Esports expert and activist

Originator and creator of Legia Esport Schools – the first esports school for children and young people in Poland. Founder of ESPORT SPOT – an esports arena in the center of Warsaw, for which he received an award for one of the 50 Most Creative People in Business in 2022. Partner at PWR.GG, a marketing agency specializing in communication to young adults through e-sports and games. Originator and first host of the Brief Esports section dealing with the business and marketing aspects of esports. Organizer of numerous esports events and tournaments for professionals and amateurs. He has worked with some of the most important esports organizations in Poland such as Team Kinguin, AGO Esports, and Illuminar Gaming as team manager, esports director and development director. He gained business experience at McKinsey & Company, among others. Regular speaker at conferences on gaming and esports in Poland.

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