Jarosław Handke

Expert in the field of sports sponsorship

By education – a lawyer, by choice and passion – a salesman. Already as a teenager he got to know sports from the side of a journalist, being an editor of such titles as “Tygodnik Żużlowy” and SportoweFakty. In the past he was an active speedway announcer. His areas of interest remain primarily sports business and fintech. Former member of the regulations and legal commission of the Malopolska Football Association. Speaker at conferences including the Economic Forum in Krynica, former board member of the Sports Law Association ‘Ius et Sport’, co-organizer of a series of events of the aforementioned Association on legal and business issues. Expert of the now-defunct industry magazine Sport&Business 360. Author of the now-defunct blog sportowybiznes.com He gained experience in attracting sponsors both as a club and agency employee. He has worked with many rights holders and brands both Polish and global. He advises brands on sponsorship engagement. Advocate of a hybrid approach in sports marketing, i.e. combining image and performance elements. Follower of the principle: “deliver more, promise less”.

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