Iwona Gibas

Member of the Management Board of the Małopolska Region

Member of the Management Board of the Małopolska Region, responsible on behalf of the region, among others, for tourism development and cultural heritage. Engaged in the tourism industry for many years. Graduate of the Faculty of Management at AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. As a representative of the Małopolska Region’s Management Board, she is a co-creator of strategic plans for the development of regional tourism infrastructure. An initiator of actions aimed at rebuilding tourist arrivals to Małopolska after the COVID-19 pandemic. Actively involved in the implementation of the project “Małopolska – The Aim of Travel” and the promotional campaign “Let Yourself Be Hospitably Treated in Krakow and Małopolska”. Since the beginning of her work for the region, she has focused her attention on the economic development of Małopolska, improving the quality of life, as well as issues related to the protection of national heritage and sustainable tourism development. A travel and art enthusiast. Chairwoman of the Program Council for Tourism Development and Promotion in Małopolska.

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