Eric Saintrond


Graduated from the Faculty of Motor Sciences (ISM) of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Eric
Saintrond began his career in the private sector, the academic circles and of course, in national and
international sports organizations.
Quickly captivated by the university sports movement, in 1985 he joined the administrative headquarters
of the International University Sports Federation (FISU), at that time based in Brussels.
While continuing his activities in the private sector and education, he quickly evolved within FISU and
held the positions of the Director of the Games, General Director and finally Secretary General / CEO,
the position he holds since November 2007.
His diverse career has undoubtedly helped him to progress within the organization that besides being
multisport is also very involved in the academic community.
Upon his nomination as Secretary General, he radically transformed the structure and functioning of the
Federation. In 2008, barely nominated and set in his new functions, he initiated the move of the FISU
seat from Brussels to Lausanne, the transfer completed in 2012. Under his leadership, the permanent
staff of FISU increased from 17 employees in 2007 to 43 employees in 2022. He also created not less
than five new departments and signed the very first partnership agreements with major companies such
as Tissot and Eurosport.
Considered now as the world’s largest multisport event after the Olympic Games, the World University
Games, the first edition of which was held in 1959 in Turin, is the flagship event of FISU. Engaged in the
supervision and organization of 19 Summer World University Games and 19 Winter University Games,
Eric Saintrond actively participated in the implementation of the governance rules of these major events.
In 2020, FISU has launch a new project called “FISU Healthy Campus”. Eric Saintrond is strongly
involved in this new FISU activity that aims to enhance students’ well-being in all aspects. FISU’s
objective with this project is to establish an interdisciplinary system dedicated to well-being, a healthy
lifestyle & awareness among students regarding these aspects.

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