Dr hab. Ewa Roszkowska

Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Recreation of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow

Habilitated doctor of historical sciences (Jagiellonian University), doctor of physical culture sciences (University of Physical Education in Krakow), research and teaching employee of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow, currently employed as a professor at the University of Physical Education. Head of the Department of Mountaineering and Spatial Sports (since 2014) and Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Recreation (since 2016). development of mountaineering, skiing and sport climbing. She is the author of books: European Mountaineering 1919-1939. People – tendencies – achievements, (Kraków, 2007 – the monograph in 2008 was awarded by the Minister of Science and Higher Education with an individual award for outstanding scientific achievement) and Polish mountaineering. Origin and development until 1914 (Kraków, 2014), as well as numerous scientific articles published in Poland and abroad, chapters in monographs and popular science works, as well as training programs for sports and recreational climbing instructors. She has prepared many opinions on scientific projects, reviews in promotion procedures, publishing reviews of monographs and articles for scientific journals, and reviews of applications for inclusion of market qualifications in the Integrated Qualifications System for rock climbing, mountain climbing, high mountain climbing, cave mountaineering, timed climbing training in bouldering and leading. She actively participated in dozens of international and national scientific conferences, and gave commissioned lectures in Poland and Western Europe. He belongs to Polish and international scientific organizations and is a member of scientific boards of journals. He practices mountaineering and mountaineering, he is a mountaineering instructor of the Polish Mountaineering Association, and also has state qualifications of a sports climbing instructor and a high-mountain climbing instructor.

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