Dariusz Olszewski

President of the Polish Rugby Union

Dariusz Olszewski, born in 1967 in Otwock, is a well-known and respected figure in Polish sports circles. He currently serves as President of the Polish Rugby Union, and is also Vice President of the Polish Olympic Committee and Vice President of the Polish Youth Sports Federation. His love of sports began in childhood with playing table tennis.
In 2019, Olszewski successfully won a mandate as a ninth-term deputy, which shows his commitment to public life as well. One of his main goals is to promote sports among children and young people. Thanks to his deep understanding of their needs, he organizes various sports tournaments, which are very popular.
However, what sets Olszewski apart is his tenacity of purpose. A prime example of this is the Polish Women’s Rugby 7 National Team. Thanks to his commitment and the team’s professionalism, the team has begun to achieve spectacular success in the international sports arena.
His work and determination make him one of the most important promoters of sports in Poland, and his influence goes beyond the country’s borders.

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