Andrzej Kramarczyk

coach of the national team of cyclists for the Polish Cycling Federation (PZKol), politician

Andrzej Kramarczyk, born on April 24, 1946, in Krakow. Married to Teresa. They have 3 children: Tomasz, Katarzyna, and Anna (all of them are graduates of the Academy of Physical Education and multiple medalists in World and European Cycling Championships).

Education: He completed a 3-year forensic experts’ program organized by the University of Warsaw. He holds a Coach Level 2 certification.

He is a member of the cycling section of Cracovia sports club. He has been a long-time coach for the national team of cyclists in the Polish Cycling Federation (PZKol), specializing in trial and Olympic BMX racing. In the PZKol’s 100-year ranking, he is recognized as the number 1 coach with a record of 36 medals in World and European Championships.

For the past 35 years, he has been residing in Stryszów. During this period, he served as a councilor in the Regional Assembly of the Bielsko and Małopolskie Voivodeships and chaired the Euro 2012 Committee.

He founded KS AQUILA Wadowice 35 years ago, a club that has organized three times the World Cycling Championships in youth trial cycling and has hosted the World Cup events five times, as sanctioned by the International Cycling Federation.

He has been honored with the Gold Honorary Badge of the Polish Cycling Federation (PZKol), the Polish Motor Association (PZMot), and the Silver Medal of the Polish Olympic Committee, among numerous other distinctions.

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