Agnieszka Syczewska

Legal Counsel of the Polish Football Association

Graduate of the Faculty of Law at the University of Białystok, a legal advisor, and a student in the fourth semester of the MBA program at SGH. She has been professionally connected to football from the beginning of her career. In 2008, she started at Jagiellonia Białystok as a board assistant, then served as a procurator, board member, vice president, and president of the board. She was involved in the club’s development in various areas, including sports, organization, marketing, sales, communication, finance, infrastructure, and training. From June 2022 to February 2023, she was the vice president of the board at Lechia Gdańsk SA. Since April 2023, she has been a legal advisor at the office of the Secretary-General of the Polish Football Association. Most recently, she was responsible for developing and implementing the Security Policy of the PZPN and the Sustainable Development Strategy of football in Poland.

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